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Personalized security breach notifications through digital and physical channels

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Cyber crimes will cost companies worldwide an estimated $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015.* In the US, it is required that impacted individuals receive a notification when their PII has been breached.
*EMBroker – 2022 Must-Know Cyber Attack Statistics and Trends


KP has invested in breach notification solutions to help clients notify impacted individuals in a secure environment when timing is critical. In a heavily regulated industry, KP has developed a solution that gives client’s the ability to produce notifications through both digital and physical channels. Using KP’s unique digital/physical production path, KP will configure an automated workflow to route bounced digital records after a specified number of days through to our physical print/mail channel.


  • A single-source solution for creation, production, and distribution. Our closed-loop, ISO 9001–certified manufacturing platform and ISO 27001 data management solutions do not rely on third-party vendors. Regardless of the number of notifications needed, KP can provide personalized solutions for clients in quantities from thousands to millions.
  • Significant savings in the production of direct mail notifications and postage, as the first and second communications can go out digitally.
  • Detailed reporting on the delivery of notifications, regardless of whether they are digital or physically mailed pieces.