Case study

Fully variable, personalized communications to drive purchasing activity

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A large retailer has been a key strategic customer and partner of KP’s for many years, providing print- and mail-related services for corporate marketing, bank/credit, loyalty programs, events, and HR-related communications. Client acquisition and the ability to drive store traffic is absolutely critical to this partner and has driven their success for decades. As part of their client acquisition campaign communications, KP produces personalized direct mail campaigns that are used to drive store traffic. Through the conventional production process, direct marketing campaigns have traditionally been printed on a conventional press with variable content added through an offline inkjet production path.  While this production path has been effective for years, KP proposed a better solution to the client.


KP researched and invested in a high-speed continuous inkjet platform that can produce direct mail products like postcards, self-mailers, and letter packages with the quality of conventional lithography while achieving the fully variable, personalized format that the client demands. In addition, KP added intelligent finishing and inserting lines that takes the rolls straight off the high-speed continuous inkjet line and converts and inserts (if needed) for perfect-match mail piece integrity.


  • A single-source solution for creation, production, and distribution. Our closed-loop, ISO 9001–certified manufacturing platform does not rely on third-party vendors, regardless of the number of direct mail materials produced (postcards, self-mailers, or letter packages). KP can provide  personalized solutions for clients in quantities from thousands to millions.
  • With material costs increasing significantly, KP has been able to present the client with an opportunity to save costs while getting to market more quickly.
  • This program has directly led to a dramatic increase in in-store and online purchasing activity.