Case study

Expanding digital outreach with bespoke reporting solutions

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A national legal administration service provider was looking to expand its existing notification channel away from traditional print and mail while maintaining reporting and auditing transparency and increasing its response rate.


KP worked with the provider on an in-depth review of historical data and current trends to determine the best cadence for outreach in a market that is moving more towards app-based enrollment and opt-in email, with the availability of physical addresses declining. The solution created by KP met the client’s needs by offering bespoke reporting, address verification, and appending based on email and cellular data while reducing the need for print and mail by 23% in the first year and maintaining the client’s historical response rates.


  • KP introduced an inbound mail processing solution that leveraged two points of scanning, one for the initial receipt of return mail and the other for scanning and archiving sensitive data.
  • A web-based portal was designed to allow for document management in real time.
  • KP developed an email and SMS outreach system that automatically triggered a piece of physical mail if specific criteria were met, saving the need to mail every record by default.
  • KP’s solution introduced the concept of full-cycle auditing, providing the state with an audit trail across every touchpoint.

“Having previously used a model that relied on our in-house capabilities and multiple outside vendors, KP’s solution not only freed up our internal resources but offered a unique offering for our sales team. As our practice grows with an app-based client list, it is nice to know we have a partner invested in our future success in that space.”

– Chief Operating Officer
A national legal administration service provider