Case study

A quick pivot to resolve a data breach

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A regional health system with over 300 locations reached out to KP after their previous partner suffered a ransomware attack and subsequent HIPAA breach, putting their hyper-sensitive lab result mailings in jeopardy.


KP leveraged our standing pressure seal inventory, templates, and workflow to reengineer our client’s existing letter from a normal, double-window #10 form factor to a hyper-secure, three and a half page pressure seal letter. With existing workflows already in place, KP transitioned the mailings while the previous vendor was still dealing with their InfoSec challenges.


  • Speed to market. With existing workflows, inventory, and letter templates, KP could focus our efforts on data integration. At the same time, the client redesigned the letters allowing us to deploy a solution within 30 days.
  • Enhanced letter integrity and confidentiality. The pressure seal format prevents any instances of mechanical production issues that can cause a HIPAA breach, such as a “double stuff.”
  • The pressure seal form factor eliminates our client’s reliance on envelopes. It increases daily throughput, as well as allowing for a higher degree of personalization and CTAs on the face of the mailing.

“Our procurement team reached out to KP in an absolute state of panic after our existing partner notified us of their HIPAA breach. KP could not only offer us a solution that allowed us to pivot quickly, but their InfoSec team was able to answer all of our team’s questions and pass our on-site audits under a heightened level of scrutiny. The introduction of the pressure seal format also allowed us to reimagine the information provided to our patients and offer us peace of mind.”

– Vice President, Risk Management and Compliance
A regional health system with over 300 locations in more than 15 states