Case study

A comprehensive response to protect sensitive information

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A western state solicited a top 50 Consultancy through an RFP to manage the communication of sensitive information (PII) with a specific subset of their population. The RFP issued by the state was highly restrictive as it contained strict HR, physical & cyber security requirements, geographic limitations for BCP & DR, and the need to communicate across multiple channels.


KP worked with the consultancy to deliver a comprehensive response to the RFP and an innovative workflow that would ultimately save the state postage and the cost of letters while maintaining data integrity and security. In addition, our production platform and existing security infrastructure met or exceeded the state’s initial assessment and subsequent audits of the primary and the BCP production facilities.


  • KP developed an email and SMS outreach system that automatically triggered a piece of physical mail if specific criteria were met, saving the need to mail every record by default.
  • KP introduced an inbound mail processing solution that leveraged two points of scanning, one for the initial receipt of return mail and the other for scanning and archiving sensitive data.
  • A web-based portal was designed to allow for document management in real time.
  • KP’s solution introduced the concept of full-cycle auditing, providing the state with an audit trail across every touchpoint.
  • Over the course of our contract, KP has continued to drive innovation year after year and maintain a perfect vendor scorecard.


“We have relied on KP as a communication partner for over a decade. In that time, they have continued to innovate on our behalf as well as [help] us maintain critical Service Level Agreements across multiple contracts and production facilities.”

– Vice President, Practice Lead
A top 50 consultancy, ranked by “The Consulting Report”