To better comply with industry changes prompted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, most agencies today have softened collection strategies. However, many company’s regulation-driven printed communications remain the same as 20 years ago, both in message and design. While some deem these communications as merely a necessary compliance task, they are in fact an underutilized vehicle for increasing consumer responsiveness and collection rates.

In this age of technology and sensory-driven experiences, awareness of differing consumer adopter types and generational preferences is vital to the success of your collection efforts. As such your collection communication project should be designed to appeal to many consumer segments rather than maintaining one outdated model. This is where a partnership with KP will be beneficial.

Here at KP we stay abreast of today’s transactional communication trends. We assist our ARM partners by utilizing innovative tools to address the varying consumer segment’s preferences and enhance their printed or electronic communication formats. We also offer responsive web design based online portal solutions that promote increased electronic payment rates and reduced call center overhead.

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Sample Collection Letter Design


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  • Data cleansing, Compliance & Skip-Trace

    • CASS, DPV & LACS
    • NCOAlink18 and NCOAlink 48
    • AEC I or II – USPS address element correction
    • USPS ACS return mail w/electronic updates
    • SCRA (active military), bankruptcy & deceased monitoring
    • Litigious debtor search
    • Address or phone append skip services
  • Template Design & Programming Features

    • Consumer friendly letter design assistance
    • Personalization
    • Technology additions – OCR scanline, QR codes, 2D
    • Variable logos & signature blocks
    • Variable compliance verbiage programming
    • Dynamic content based on business logic rules
    • Onsert programming
  • Custom Programming & Reporting

    • House-holding – mlpe or itemized variable table
    • Custom blocking – business logic/raw data flags
    • Undeliverable & updated address return files
    • Business logic account block return file
    • Custom format mail & email batch reporting
  • Online Portal Options

    • Live document archive
    • E-presentment w/linked payment option
    • Real time job status
    • Inventory
    • Settlement on Demand campaign portal
  • Multi-channel Communication Options

    • Printed mail with QR codes
    • E-delivery via secure web link
    • Online trigger of special settlement or tax time email or printed mail campaigns





  • Data Management & Processing

    We design custom and highly secure data processing models using your existing data sources to control and track statement batch details for customized print on demand/mail and electronic billing distribution workflows.

  • Mobile & Multichannel Distribution

    Customers can choose to receive their personalized bill by mail or as an email notification with a link to our secure Customer and Administration portals that dynamically adjusts to any device to offer the best user experience across multiple platforms.

  • Online Bill Pay

    Pay bills online through our Credit Card and e-Check processing platform or integration with your existing online bill pay system.

  • Secure Customer Portal Access

    Customers can self-register and login to our Customer Portal to view account information, current and past bills and payment history as well as available Customer Service options.

  • Customer Service Tools

    Real time access through our secure Administrator Portal allows you to view customer bills and payments as well as customer bill delivery preference and other account details.

  • Reporting

    Design your own custom reports or choose from our standard report suite to view information such as Customer Portal registration statistics, statement batch processing, delivery dates, electronic vs. paper statement customers, undeliverable emails, customer payments and more.


Streamline billing distribution management and customer service through a single, secure, and fully integrated online platform.

Our Statements and Invoices solution allows you to increase customer convenience and engagement with electronic bill presentment and online payment options in turn helping to reduce print and postage costs.





Our intuitive Marketing360 (M360) storefront solution makes ordering a snap. This out of the box, cost effective, and easy to use interface is great for getting your collateral to the field.

Get your customers the right materials at the right time when you combine M360 with KP’s expertise in fulfillment, ordering, and distribution of static or variable collateral, stationery, or promotional items.




  • On Demand Printing

    Dynamic online proofing for Variable Print on Demand and Static Print on Demand.

  • Asset Management

    House all your digital files in one place for your marketing and communication purposes (including revisions).

  • Order Management

    We can produce your materials quickly and accurately because our e-commerce storefronts are connected to our high quality manufacturing equipment.

  • Inventory Management

    Our storefronts work in real time and are integrated with inventory reporting to provide up-to-date and accurate information about your materials with automatic notification of low inventory levels and suggestions for optimal replenishment.

  • Reporting

    Self-service, executive-style reporting helps you understand who is ordering, what is being ordered, and how to best manage your supply with demand.

  • Campaign Management & Payment Options

    Our tools allow unlimited users (corporate or field) to have views and product access to set-up, customize, and manage campaigns, as well as multiple user payment options like cost centers, credit card payment or budget views.



  • Marketing Automation

    Our marketing automation system offers seamless integration with your CRM, internal business systems, and other marketing automation tools through API integrations and/or batch data feeds.

  • Personalized Communications

    Deploy up to date communication tools to your team, giving them the ability to create personalized communications while you maintain compliance and brand control. Campaign templates can include email, web pages, direct mail, print or digital ads, marketing collateral, signage, and more.

  • Custom User Experience

    One size does not fit all. User/admin permissions and content filtering are tailored to your specific needs to support a large user base over different facets of your organization. You can manage content, assets, orders, reports, and more, and publish or activate based on what different users need to see.


Put the power of personalized marketing in your team’s hands with a KP Customer Communications Platform.

This solution allows you and your team to leverage what you’ve built at your corporate marketing level by deploying campaigns that can be activated by the people who are closest to your customers.





Offers, incentives, rebates… call them what you want, they all have one thing in common: They drive results. This online campaign management solution enables our clients to efficiently manage direct marketing strategies and campaigns across their enterprise.

Implementing our solution helps reduce marketing costs, increases speed to market, and helps manage data analytics. This solution is intuitive and has consistent processes for field users and customers.




  • Outbound Sales & Marketing Channels

    Redeem direct, online, and mass media campaigns, as well as cross-sell/up-sell, referral, utilization and sweepstakes programs.

  • Inbound Response Channels

    Collect and process responses via phone, online, or in a store/branch, and access that information for customer support or additional marketing efforts.

  • Client CRM Integration

    Automated secured file transfer process to/from your institution’s back-office to support responses, eligibility verification and record status updates.

  • Customer Support

    View real time status of offer(s) for a particular customer and the offer exception management process on a simple interface.

  • Offer Fulfillment

    Diverse capabilities for offer fulfillment support and integration for status updates, offer tracking, and alerts.

  • Reporting and Administration

    A menu of real-time detailed reports provides you with complete access to the data housed within the system.  These include campaign results, redemption, and branch activities.



  • Secure Data Collection

    Securely import sensitive data from clients and third party data providers.

  • Data Organization

    Classify data to help build profiles of your target market.

  • Data Analysis

    Gain a better understanding and faster reaction to your target market behaviors and patterns.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    Securely transfer sensitive data to clients, vendors, and other portals and exchanges.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Understand, adapt, and adjust to changing client technology needs.


When it comes to acquiring new customers, our data management solution helps you make sense of your data. Manage your data by establishing strict data control policies, mapping to identify where the data resides and segmentation to better understand your client and target market.





Reaching your intended audience is key for event management. Our flexible platform allows you to deliver event invitations using the most appropriate channel while triggered email reminders and event information are up to date.

The implementation process is easy and keeps your message and brand image consistent and scalable across multiple channels while reporting is done in real time through a secure portal.




  • Multiple Channel Output

    Invitations can be personalized and printed for mail distribution or can be sent by email. Both methods include a URL to the Event Information and/or RSVP landing page.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our landing pages can be accessed by desktop computer, mobile device or tablet and dynamically adjust to each device to offer the best user experience across platforms.

  • Landing Pages

    Customize your event’s landing page to include event details, add-to calendar option, RSVP fields, event ticket purchase, images, animation and dynamic personalized details.   Personalized details include adding the location with interactive map, event date and time, invitee name, and marketing communication opt-in options.

  • Response Management

    Invitee response data is captured in real time and can be used for triggered mailings or email communications that provide event reminders or an RSVP call to action for non-responses.

  • Reporting

    Our secure report portal with multiple reporting output options allows you to monitor real time results including expected attendance, page hits, invitee lists, and status updates by event location, date and time. Our standard report suite can be customized to deliver any information you need to help manage your events.