Product Manager

“I look to my experienced vendors for solutions to manage my entire product life cycle.”

It is increasingly more difficult to find new ways to drive business growth while managing the product life cycle and determining which media to employ to reach the right audience.

KP has a multitude of outbound and inbound marketing services under one roof for better speed to market and creating those unique campaigns for market distinction to acquire prospects.

Here are some solutions for driving new business:

Our multichannel production and document automation enables marketers to effortlessly optimize document production and delivery across any channel – including print, email, web, and mobile.

Document automation offers:

  • Variable document options
  • Personalized messages
  • Multi-channel distribution options
  • Cost reductions using cheaper channels when applicable (like opt-in emails after direct mail pieces have solicited responses to redeem offers)
  • See the video for more info

Distribution Manager

“Fulfillment, storage, and distribution of my products need to meet the demands for quantity, quality, and my budget.”

There are a variety of channels for distribution of marketing materials. The budget needs to accommodate increasing price pressure, balancing between the need to maintain inventory and producing materials on demand.

Our significant in-house capabilities allow you to run and improve your operations by selecting the most effective production methods to deliver your products and materials.

Our ISO certifications, standardized processes, and continual audits ensure manufacturing quality standards are maintained.

  • Effective designs/specs for optimal manufacturing efficiency.
  • Online design and remote proofing tools.
  • Automated inspections of every sheet versus manual, random methods.
  • Use of on-demand and just-in-time material movement for fewer touches.
  • eCommerce tools accessed remotely by multiple users
  • Over 130 audited levels of security compliance

Operations Manager

“I need a vendor that ensures data security, helps mitigate risk, and works with me to stay within my budget.”

In today’s production environment, there is an increased focus on data security, particularly removing exposure to unauthorized access to key processes and digital production. While at the same time, you still need to find ways to lower costs.

We are experts in the production of secure communication materials. Whether it is managing personalized materials or on-going statements, we demonstrate best practices for data security.

We have significant experience working with companies implementing proven cost reduction strategies throughout the communications, print, and material supply chains.  These are all managed in on-going supplier programs and strategic supplier status.

These strategies reduce total costs by mutually addressing key areas such as:

  • Quality collaboration
  • Delivery methods
  • Early payments
  • Product reengineering
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Continuous process improvement