Senior Buyer

“I trust my vendor to continually work with me to provide the best options and prices for my company’s products.”

Industry consolidation and new taxes have created increased pricing pressure. It is important to form sustainable partnerships with fewer, key suppliers that can provide innovation and cost savings.

We deliver high quality services and solutions with proven results for leading companies across many industries.

Some of the benefits to working with us include:

  • Print, mail, fulfillment, and technology are under one roof
  • Formal quality & certification programs
  • High performance operations
  • Innovative & competitively priced
  • New technology & solutions
  • Proactive cost saving ideas
  • Great understanding of supply chain management

Supply chains are complex, multifaceted processes. We optimize total costs by addressing these major areas:

  • Security certifications
  • Inspection systems
  • Delivery methods
  • Quality systems
  • Volume incentive plans
  • Process improvements
  • Product engineering
  • Vendor consolidation

Why spend your valuable time pushing vendors that don’t get it?  At KP, we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

  • Regularly participate in supplier programs
  • Early engagement for idea generation and product development
  • Formal suggestions
  • Quality collaboration
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Supplier portals

Packaging Engineer

“I need my packaging to meet design and production requirements based on the appropriate shelf life for our products.”

Finding an all-in-one facility that can provide the right equipment for your specific packaging and labeling requirements in addition to understanding shelf life and lot tracking can be challenging.

We take your package design ideas and turn them into reality. With over 20+ years of technical design experience and all our services under one roof, you can rest assured that the product will exceed your expectations, work with your budget and meet your distribution needs.

  • CAD engineering
  • Mock-ups to help design for appearance and functionality
  • Online proofing systems
  • Short run, on-demand production runs
  • Variable labels for lot tracking

We collaborate with our clients to discover new processes for creative solutions for great products.

Quality Assurance Manager

“As things change, I want assurances that solutions can keep pace and meet the highest industry standards.”

Consistently meet the highest quality standards in a demanding market by using the latest equipment and inspection system technology in conjunction with a formal quality program.

In addition to our state-of-the-art press configuration, we offer the latest in folding and binding equipment to assure that no pages are ever missing and exact counts are provided.

  • Densitometer & spectrophotometer devices quantify color to match proofs
  • GRACol7 certification standards
  • Automated, inline camera inspection systems for printing, verify content and flaws – See video
  • Inline cameras and sensors at bindery verify sequence, sizing, and thickness.
  • Inline sheeting systems for consistent paper quality

The print communication supply chain is made up of separate, intricate processes working together. However, if you know the specific areas to concentrate on, you can reduce the number of final inspections required, lower total costs and increase profits!

  • Upstream inspections
  • Automation
  • Lot skipping
  • Intelligent symbology (bar codes)
  • Wireless warehousing
  • Exact count verification
  • 360 degree closed loop quality systems

Our ISO certifications, standardized processes, and continual audits ensure manufacturing quality standards are maintained.

  • Effective designs/specs for optimal manufacturing efficiency
  • Online design and remote proofing tools
  • Automated inspections of every sheet versus manual, random methods
  • Use of on-demand and just-in-time material movement for fewer touches
  • eCommerce tools accessed remotely by multiple users
  • Over 130 audited levels of security compliance