Director of Enrollment

“I want to find the best channels to efficiently and effectively reach my target audience.”

The need for professional development continues to increase. With more competition from other learning organizations, enrollment requires better recruitment and materials that differentiate – delivered via the emerging channels that meet user preferences.

We help you build multi-touch campaigns to reach the greatest number of individuals. Our multitude of outbound and inbound marketing tools and services under one roof allow for better targeting, speed to market, and creating those unique campaigns for market distinction. Here are some solutions for driving new business:

Using our services ensures that your messages stay consistent throughout multiple channels of communication and that they are printed, mailed or electronically distributed from one place which in turn saves you time and money.

  • Variable document options
  • Personalized messages
  • Multi-channel distribution options
  • Cost reductions using lower-cost channels when applicable (like opt-in emails after direct mail pieces have solicited responses to redeem offers)
  • See the video for more info

Our streamlined ordering systems make it easy and convenient to order customized or personalized products and also provides cost tracking and reporting tools to help support your goals. We do this with:

Contract Administrator

“My budgets just got cut AGAIN. I need my vendors to help me get the biggest bang for my buck.”

Shrinking budgets and legacy systems make it more difficult to cut costs by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

We deliver high quality services and solutions with proven results for leading companies across many industries. Some of the benefits to working with us include:

  • Print, mail, fulfillment, and technology are under one roof
  • Formal quality & certification programs
  • High performance operations
  • Innovative & competitively priced
  • New technology & solutions
  • Proactive cost saving ideas
  • Great understanding of supply chain management

Why spend your valuable time pushing vendors that don’t get it?  At KP, we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

  • Regularly participate in supplier programs
  • Early engagement for idea generation and product development
  • Formal suggestions
  • Quality collaboration
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Supplier portals

We have significant experience working with companies to implement proven cost reduction strategies throughout the communications, print, and material supply chains. These result in reducing total costs by mutually addressing key areas:

  • Security certifications
  • Inspection systems
  • Delivery methods
  • Quality systems
  • Volume incentive plans
  • Process improvements
  • Product engineering
  • Vendor consolidation

Security Officer

“I need our vendors to do everything they can to protect our systems and data from attacks, not just say they will.”

Data security, privacy, and increased oversight responsibility are constantly creating new regulatory requirements. These are highly complex and intertwined with other systems.

Mitigating risk results from working with proven partners who have formal, third party audited certifications and programs.  KP processes include:

Keeping your data safe is our top priority.  That’s why our third party audits and data security programs include:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • SSAE-16
  • Security assessments
  • Questionnaires
  • Routine business reviews
  • Quality program maintenance

Regulatory changes require considerable due diligence, from infrastructure to manufacturing processes, in order to track and implement changes in laws, codes and company requirements immediately.

We use the highest rated industry document automation software and secured templates for easy and quick updates resulting from regulatory changes across all SKUs in every channel.  See the video for more information.

We operate secured web portals for managing user permissions and compliance through business rules, locking down what can edited or altered.

Our ISO 27001 is the highest, most stringent certification available for Information Security Management.