Chief Operating Officer

“I look for proactive experience to reduce costs, meet regulated time frames, and increase the efficiency of our efforts to help lift collection rates.”

In today’s production environment, there is an increased focus on data security, particularly removing exposure to unauthorized access to core IT and Production processes. To increase collection rates and lower costs, they must also incorporate innovative multi-channel consumer communication efforts with designs appealing to varying generations.

We deliver top quality mail services and solutions with proven results for leading companies within the highly regulated Financial and Healthcare industries. Some of the benefits to working with us include:

We have significant experience implementing proven cost reduction strategies throughout the print and electronic communication channels. These strategies reduce total costs by mutually addressing key areas such as:

Using our services ensures that your messages stay consistent throughout multiple channels of communication and that they are printed, mailed or electronically distributed from one place which in turn saves you time and money.

Director of Compliance

Our vendors help prevent FDCPA violations by protecting our confidential data while by meeting client’s security certification requirements.

The ARM industry is under increasing pressure from the CFPB to strictly comply with FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, SCRA and other consumer protection regulation acts.  Both internally and with partner vendors, they are also taxed with mitigating confidential data exposure risks that could lead to HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and other data security compliance breaches.

We understand the importance of complying with both state and federal regulated collection communication requirements.  That’s why we help by:

  • Variably programming any template’s state compliance verbiage according to your unique business logic requirements
  • Meet regulated mail delivery time frames for initial demand and other time-sensitive consumer communications
  • Flag and convey any found concerns with client supplied template verbiage (i.e. incomplete Mini-Miranda, overshadowing of validation notice, missing hrs of operations, etc)
  • Help enhance template designs while still adhering to regulatory guidelines for font sizes and other required elements
  • Offer e-delivery of communications for consumers who’ve supplied electronic consent (via the original creditor contract or other means)

We are experts in the production of secure communication materials. Whether it is managing personalized materials or mailing statements, we will demonstrate best practices for data security.

Keeping your data safe is our top priority.  That’s why our third party audits and data security programs include:

  • Security certifications
  • ISO 27001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 certified
  • SSAE-16 certified with SSAE-18 SOC 2 completing in Aug 2019
  • HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, HITRUST and PCI DSS compliant
  • Ongoing security assessments
  • Vendor security questionnaires
  • Routine internal business reviews
  • Quality program maintenance
  • Protected and certified facilities

Director of IT & Security

“My vendor understands the importance of data security, complex regulatory programming, and integrates into our collection software platform.”

FDCPA, HIPAA, GLBA and several other compliance standards dictate the importance of protecting consumer’s confidential data as well as keeping up with regulatory changes. Monitoring for the most accurate consumer contact information then efficiently updating those accounts is crucial to the timeliness and success of their collection activities.

We have long term experience managing data driven projects within highly regulated industries. Below is a sampling of how we offer data security peace of mind:

  • Setting up a secure SFTP folder and correlating subfolders for organized secure transfer of mail batch data, return files and reporting needs
  • Adhering to PGP or GPG data encryption rules
  • Encryption at rest for any archived data
  • Document template revision history maintained for proper auditing purposes
  • All data driven proofs transmitted securely for client proof review and approval
  • E-delivery via secure link and online registration method versus PDF attachment
  • Secure online access to optional live document archive, real time job status or custom inventory portals

Our robust document composition plus command & control software systems not only ensure accurate programming of complex variable components but also utilization of key quality control measures. We do this with:

Our clients utilize various proprietary and purchased software platforms with differing requirements for proper importation of information back into their systems. In turn we offer the necessary flexibility in programming the following:

  • Custom data return files programmed according to your unique system field layout and file format requirements for auto importation into your system.
  • Automated mail batch processing incorporating a trigger file system or programming and agreed upon time trigger
  • Automated mail batch verification process
  • Generation of live letter PDFs – cumulative with index file or individual PDFs so they may be appended to the account level of your system
  • Customized batch reporting according to your internal business requirements