To better comply with industry changes prompted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, most agencies today have softened collection strategies. However, many company’s regulation-driven printed communications remain the same as 20 years ago, both in message and design. While some deem these communications as merely a necessary compliance task, they are in fact an underutilized vehicle for increasing consumer responsiveness and collection rates.

In this age of technology and sensory-driven experiences, awareness of differing consumer adopter types and generational preferences is vital to the success of your collection efforts. As such your collection communication project should be designed to appeal to many consumer segments rather than maintaining one outdated model. This is where a partnership with KP will be beneficial.

Here at KP we stay abreast of today’s transactional communication trends. We assist our ARM partners by utilizing innovative tools to address the varying consumer segment’s preferences and enhance their printed or electronic communication formats. We also offer responsive web design based online portal solutions that promote increased electronic payment rates and reduced call center overhead.

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