Web to Fulfillment

Web to Fulfillment

Stocking, managing, and ordering marketing collateral and other physical inventory is not only difficult, it’s expensive. Save time, money, and stress by leaving it to the professionals via the web!


KP’s Web to Fulfillment tools takes care of everything so all that it takes to order inventory is a few clicks of the mouse. Simply visit your custom web portal from any browser, select your items from the intuitive catalog interface and place your order!


  • Save time and money with a web fulfillment portal managed by KP’s experts
  • Intuitive order interface with web standards
  • Expert advice and economies of scale for cost savings
Stop trying to manage a room full of marketing literature or, even worse, a critical link in a marketing campaign. Fulfillment programs are notorious time sucks if not managed properly and order tracking can be a nightmare. KP has the tools, facilities, and expertise to make fulfillment a breeze.

Our web fulfillment applications securely allows users to order inventory items and get them delivered where they need to be, when they need to be there. Your custom order portal is branded to match your company standards and login protected to ensure appropriate user access. Once logged in, users can browse the intuitive catalog style interface and order flow modeled using web standards your users expect. Shopping cart methodology, thumbnail images and credit or purchase order options are just a few of the standard features you will love.

Your custom order portal is branded to match your company standards…

What about program management and shipping? KP is an industry leading fulfillment expert so you can rest assured that your program is in good hands. Our program managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and can answer any questions that you have. They also proactively look for cost saving opportunities and provide reports to help you maximize your programs effectiveness. Also, our bulk shipping contracts mean you get the best rates possible. Period.

Want to experience the possibilities of web-to-fulfillment technology for yourself? Schedule a live product demonstration or contact us today!