Online Bill Pay/Presentment

Online Bill Pay/Presentment

According to USPS, in 2010, 55% of consumers received bills and statements only by print, 18% by print and electronically, and 27% only electronically. Are you keeping pace with your customers?


While many companies may offer you one or the other, KP is the only one that can offer the combination of our powerful online bill payment and presentment tool with in-house transactional printing and mailing from the same trusted company. This means that your company can begin the process of transitioning to a completely paperless billing process without forcing your customers to switch before they are ready for digital payments. Allow your customers to pick what is right for them and rest assured that your entire billing eco-system is being handled by an experienced, ISO certified partner. Optimize your billing process with online bill pay and presentment from KP.

  • Enjoy the savings that come with our easy to use online bill payment and presentment portal.
  • In house production of hard copy bills for customers not ready to make the transition.
  • Rest assured that you have a trusted partner with the experience and processes necessary for your billing program to run perfectly.


Online bill payment is an excellent way for any company with recurring payments to drastically decrease their billing costs. In addition to production and materials savings, the most dramatic savings can be observed due to avoided postage fees. This all sounds well and good but the part of the equation that many companies forget when making this transition is the most important variable, their customers.

While many customers perceive the ability to receive, view, and pay their bills online as a positive, there are still many more that are not comfortable with the process of online billing or cannot easily access a computer. Fail to acknowledge these customers and risk losing them; provide customers with the choice and what was a huge negative, becomes a benefit.

It is with this philosophy in mind that KP designed our online bill pay and presentment solution. By combining our technology and back end production capabilities, companies no longer have to opt for an abrupt changeover. Instead they can give their customers a choice and ensure a smooth transition with even more loyal customers.

At the front end of the KP bill pay and presentment solution you will find an easy to use and navigate customer portal.

…users are presented with their current billing invoices and the option to make a payment, right from the home screen.
Users can also manage their profile, view past bills and view past payments. Need extra customization or back end plugins? No problem, your site can be customized to meet your exact specifications and KP has extensive experience working with external databases and systems.

On the back end of your bill payment solution is KP’s powerful document management services. Once your customers have selected either an online or physical billing option we take care of all the billing execution. This starts by helping manage your database to reduce the burden on your IT resources.  Then, we variably create custom billing documents and deliver them to your customers, be it by email or traditional mail. Looking to leverage your transactional communications by expanding into trans-promo billing? We’ve got you covered on that too!

The final component to consider when choosing a partner to help with your billing process is of course trust. KP has been a trusted partner for over 80 years and we continue to stay ahead of security certifications and trends to ensure we handle your data correctly. We are ISO certified and have strict data handling and security protocols that protect you and your customers. We take security very seriously and do everything in our power to be sure your program runs exactly as promised.

Ready to enjoy the cost savings of online bill pay and presentment? Looking to transition from a current vendor who is either under qualified or unable to handle your full program? Give us a call at 1-800-328-3284 or read more about it in the Billing Statements Printed and Online Case Study!