E-Commerce Storefronts

E-Commerce Storefronts

KP’s eCommerce Storefront solutions are the next level tools that you need for selling your products online or making your literature communications available to your organization.


Our easy to use storefront uses web standard that your customers already know so ordering is a snap. Combine that with KP’s expertise in order fulfillment and shipping and you have a single partner that will not only power your online presence but will also get your customers their products when they place an order!

  • Intuitive storefront interface uses the web standard your customers expect
  • A complete partner means both great technology and order fulfillment services
  • Expert advice and economies of scale mean cost savings for you


Selecting the right partner for your web storefront can be a challenge. There are so many potential solutions that it can be difficult to choose. To make matters worse, most vendors only provide a technology solution with little support and no help with product fulfillment. Don’t get stuck in this trap. When you choose KP you get both a powerful, proven storefront solution and an integrated partner who can help you with the complete order process.

Our web storefront solution uses an intuitive catalog style interface and order flow, created using web standards your customers expect. Shopping cart methodology, thumbnail images and credit card orders are just a few of the standard features you will love.

Our program managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and can answer any questions that you have.

What about program management and shipping? KP is an industry leading fulfillment expert so you can rest assured that your program is in good hands. Our program managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and can answer any questions that you have. They also proactively look for cost saving opportunities and provide reports to help you maximize your programs effectiveness. Also, our bulk shipping contracts mean you get the best rates possible. Period.

Want to experience the possibilities of web store front solution for yourself? To learn more, schedule a live product demonstration or contact us today!