Campaigns On Demand

Campaigns On Demand

Campaigns on Demand is a web-based marketing platform that empowers local managers or channel partners to launch highly targeted marketing campaigns with creative control centralized at corporate.


Many companies struggle with the difficulties that come from effectively supporting a network of physical locations or resellers. The results often being missed opportunities and high marketing costs. The Campaigns on Demand solution counteracts these problems, specifically offering marketing flexibility, corporate budget control, and recipient targeting; all in an easy to use web application!

  • Central corporate branding for companies with many locations, stores or channel partners.
  • No more costly and time consuming “one off” campaigns or missed opportunities due to time constraints
  • Marketing flexibility, corporate budget control, and recipient targeting
  • Easy to use web application makes ordering a campaign simple and intuitive





Most large companies offer a wide array of products and services. Some of these services are general, but most apply to more narrow groups of people. Campaigns on Demand is able to host programs that promote specific products to specific people in a specific way.



Budget Control

Campaigns on Demand is ideal for gaining pricing controls for putting together and launching campaigns because it is a centralized marketing platform. When campaigns are conducted ad hoc outside of an effective marketing platform by the local stores, with or without marketing support, it makes it difficult to budget and plan. Budget reporting is standard and helps administrators track the usage by region or store on an ongoing basis.



Recipient Targeting

Customer databases include a great deal of information. Campaigns on Demand leverages these data sets to create automated systems for creating targeted list for each campaign. Lists can be dynamically chosen for each individual campaign based on geo-radius data, as well as demographic and behavioral data points.



Easy to Use

Campaigns are developed in the context of an easy to use web application. A user’s login credentials determine appropriate campaign options that can be browsed in a familiar catalog interface. Once a campaign is selected, the user can customize and “order” the campaign. A list is then uploaded, selected, or purchased.


Campaigns on Demand is the perfect solution for any business with a central corporate brand and many brick-and-mortar locations, stores or channel partners. Typically each has its own unique marketing requirements, whether it’s tapping into a specific local market opportunity or event based marketing. This results in a high volume of requests for localized marketing campaigns and effectively supporting them on a one off basis is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Each request requires management, creative resources, and logistics support. The solution… Campaigns-on-Demand.

Effectively supporting the needs of so many partners requires a solution that offers marketing flexibility, corporate budget control, and recipient targeting. Campaigns on Demand hits all these targets in an easy to use web application.