Offset printing or offset lithography is the most commonly used printing process and KP has years of experience, providing quality commercial printing since 1929.


Offset printing is produced by using printing plates on presses that are either sheet fed, using cut sized sheets of paper or web fed, using paper on rolls. In addition to web or sheet fed configuration, presses vary in the size of sheet they can print and the number of ink colors that each press can produce at one pass. KP has a wide variety of equipment and can guide you to the most cost effective method of production.

  • High speed production
  • Lowest cost for larger runs
  • Flexibility of size and ink configuration


Offset printing is a good choice for a wide variety of printing products such as business stationery, direct mail projects, marketing collateral, and point of sale materials. Advantages of offset printing include:

Consistent image quality
Advances in plate and press technology allow images to be sharp and colors consistent throughout the run. KP provides additional assurance of consistency and quality by maintaining Gracol G7 certification and ISO 9001 quality certification. We can provide color and quality control from proof to print and facility to facility.

Quick production of printing plates
Computer to plate technology has eliminated many steps in the pre-press process and has improved overall quality while reducing the time from proof to press. KP has been using computer to plate processing for more than 15 years.

Offset printing is the lowest cost option for producing a large number of high quality impressions. With a variety of presses available, KP can help you select the right sheet size to minimize paper waste while assuring your lowest cost per impression.

Depending on the final use of the piece, sheet fed offset provides flexibility in paper size, paper weight and finish and color control of inks and coatings that may not be available with other print methods.

Web fed offset presses are much faster than sheet fed presses and may be a good fit for some projects. However, there is more paper waste because of the fixed cutoff size of the press and the amount of paper used to get started because of the higher speeds. Sheet fed offset presses allow for different sheet sizes to be run through the same press and lower make-ready waste while setting up. Some sheet fed presses known as perfecting presses, can print on both sides of the sheet at the same time, reducing cost and turn time. Small presses such as 12×18” offset duplicators are a good fit for short run, quick turn printing such as business stationery. Specialty presses, such as envelope presses, make longer runs of any size of envelope fast and easy. KP can provide all of these options for your print project.

As print projects become more targeted, sheet fed offset is a good option and can be used for print-on-demand or shorter runs by version. Depending on paper type, size and run length, digital print may be another alternative.

If you’d like to see the offset printing process for yourself, you can schedule a tour at one of our facilities on this site. Or feel free to contact us at 1-800-328-3284.