Effective personalized printed messages use high speed, commercial-grade inkjet or laser printers in color or in black and white.


Digital printing refers to printing directly from a digital file to the paper or substrate without the use of printing plates. Digital printing mostly uses an electrical charge to transfer the dry toner or liquid ink to the paper. Professional digital printing utilizes high speed inkjet or laser printers for both black and white and color. Quality has improved significantly over the years and KP has kept up with the newest models of digital output devices such as HP’s Indigo 7500 series. Depending on your project, there are potential benefits to printing digitally.

  • Faster production turn-time
  • Lower setup costs
  • Ability to personalize


The use of digital print instead of traditional offset print is expanding. The quality of print and the ability to produce variable content has made digital print attractive for use in personalized marketing. KP can help you to analyze the factors that determine whether a project can be printed digitally such as size, type of paper or substrate, finishing operations and cost. Advances have been made in the availability of approved digital stocks but KP can help find an appropriate stock to give you the results you desire.

Digital print is often called short-run print or print-on-demand which is not always the case. Longer runs might be appropriate for digital if there are many versions or each piece is personalized. Print-on-demand might be digital but can also be offset. While the cost per impression may be higher than traditional offset printing, the total cost of ownership may be lower. You will want to keep in mind the costs of storage and the frequency of change required for the document. KP can also help you to determine if a combination of offset and digital is the right solution for your project.

Digital black and white output is frequently used for:

  • Personalized letters with variable fields
  • Imprints on pre-printed color shells or masters
  • Multiple page documents such as legal or instructional
  • Statements or invoices with personalized information

Digital color is a good choice for:

  • Short run printing of most collateral
  • Postcards with variable data including mailing address
  • Business cards
  • Letters with letterhead included and variable text

KP can help you manage your project from start to finish including setting up fixed and variable content, setting up data files and selecting the right paper. For larger digital projects, KP can also help you with wide format printing.

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