Remote Warehousing

Remote Warehousing

By standing up a remote, secure warehouse closer to the companies operations, KP delivers materials just-in-time to their factory floor in just minutes!


KP can help you with secure processes for fulfilling gift cards, gift certificates and other high value items as part of your rewards or incentive programs. Products that are stored in inventory are protected by the physical security in place in all KP facilities. Secure order processing procedures are available for an extra layer of protection. Protect your valuable inventory at every stage:

  • Data Security
  • Physical Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure Processing for Order Fulfillment


KP produces materials for clients in several locations in the United States to take business advantages of centers of excellence – taking advanatages of todays’ shipping programs, freight consolidation and forwarding options. Our completely secure warehouse facilities provide a fully scalable, just-in-time, supply of the printed materials KP produces. Our distribution centers boasts real-time inventory management available via web access. Designed to increase efficiency and decrease the time to fulfill an order, KP manufactures and procures printed materials through its network of facilities and uses dsitribution warehouse locations as staging centers. This combined with new, state of the art equipment provides clients with significant cost savings and an efficient supply chain.

KP maintains a staff of experienced security professionals who are committed to protecting your data and your valuable inventory with a comprehensive system based on security and privacy best practices. KP is also very experienced in dealing with regulatory compliance issues and understands how to verify that your products are protected from the time they are placed into inventory until they are shipped to your customer. The physical security of our facilities is a key component of our policies. Facilities are protected by the use of key cards and badges for access.

Facilities are protected by the use of key cards and badges for access.
All doors except the main entrance are locked or secured at all times. All doors not used for authorized access are marked as emergency exits and alarmed. Our facilities are all under video surveillance 24/7, particularly inventory areas. Special secured storage areas are set aside for receiving before product is put away in racks and for items that are considered high value.

For some high value items, storage may be in a secured area and order picking, assembly, packaging and shipping is done there as well. A special chain of custody process is employed to make sure that items are fully tracked and accounted for until they are handed to the freight carrier.KP is committed to helping clients rest assured that their product is safe and secure throughout its life cycle.

If you’d like to learn more about secure warehousing, contact us at 1-800-328-3284 or read our case study “High Security New Product Launch”.