Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and Assembly

Complex kitting and assembly or pick, pack and shipping services, are essential elements of any marketing or corporate communications supply chain.


Whether you’re sending PR kits, personalized HR benefits information, customer engagement incentives, trial products or samples, or specific point of sale components meeting individualized requirements you need to have confidence that the right material – and ONLY the right material – is going to be delivered accurately, timely, and in perfect condition.

KP is the trustworthy resource you need to actively manage your kitting and assembly project. Through constant communication regarding the status of each kit component and offering assistance to procure or manufacture the various kit materials to take the load off of your shoulders, KP ensures that your project is done correctly, efficiently, and in a timely fashion.


We can meet dramatically short turn-times…allowing you to create revenue even faster.

What makes our facility unique is that we have print, bindery, warehousing, kitting and assembly, and shipping functions under one roof. We can meet dramatically shorter turn-times than others in our industry and allow you to maintain smaller inventories of materials – helping you to create revenue even faster and maximizing your return on investment.

By incorporating world-class facilities, state-of-the-art-technology with an expert team of dedicated product assembly experts and continuously audited processes, our kitting and assembly solutions offer scalability, accuracy, flexibility, speed-to-market, and transparency.

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Finally, our expandable workload capacity allows us to adapt to any size job requirements quickly and efficiently.  We provide inline, real-time quality inspections and ongoing monitoring of efficiency metrics.  Our integrated services under one roof allow us to optimize turn times and speed to market.  And our team captures all quality, inventory, and shipping accuracy information and shares that information in business reviews scheduled to meet your needs.

Whether your project involves hundreds of kits or hundreds of thousands; or you’re sending the same kit to every individual or tailored individualized kits to thousands, KP offers the expertise to make you successful.  Call us today at 1-800-328-3284 or email about your kitting and assembly or pick, pack and shipping project.