Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Any fulfillment program relies on inventory planning and management as its foundation. KP actively manages our customers’ inventory through data, analysis, and continual adjustments to match demand.


Whether you’re launching your new customer engagement campaign or preparing your point-of-sale program for your peak season, you want to know that you’ve got all material available when you need it and you want to be confident that your investment has been well maintained and cared for.

Our inventory management system and process allows us to precisely manage your inventory in real-time. We monitor inventory levels, re-order points, abnormalities in order trends, and proactively try to save you money by employing the right mix of just-in-time (JIT) principles with our in-house print-on-demand (POD) manufacturing capabilities and expansive finished goods storage facilities.


Active inventory management is often an exercise in predicting future demand and usage requirements, then working with you to ensure your materials are manufactured in the most efficient method. KP can help you maximize your investment in several ways. 

…we help you analyze actual historic usage and trends…

First, we’ll help you analyze actual historic usage and trends and will consult with you on future events or expected spikes to demand.  We’ll then put together a part replenishment plan together for you to ensure that you don’t only not stock out of your inventory, but will also create ways to manufacture your materials as efficiently as absolutely possible.  We’ll show you how we can combine different pieces with similar specifications or to produce on our extremely high-end color digital devices.

This process of actively managing your inventory provides several benefits to you.  First, you’re only manufacturing the pieces that you really need, thereby investing your capital in the material that you really need, and you’re minimizing your environmental impact by not printing un-needed materials that end up being recycled.  You’re also manufacturing in the most efficient method possible – saving even more money that you can reinvest in other areas of revenue creation opportunities!

Even when you do partner with an experienced inventory management company, unexpected demand will arise.  KP is ready to help.  Because we have the full range of short run and longer run print capabilities bindery and kitting and assembly under the same roof with our inventory management and order fulfillment operations, we can meet extremely tight turn times.

In today’s environment, flexibility and speed rule in the management of your marketing.
In today’s fast-paced economy, flexibility and speed in the management of your marketing and communications supply chain is a must. Few supply chain activities are as important to the success of a company as inventory planning.  Our talented and experienced client services team use state-of-the-art inventory management tools and infrastructure that continually updates information reflecting real-time status of inventory demand, usage, and levels.  They will proactively communicate status and changes in needs regularly; you can rest assured that your entire inventory needs will be taken care of.

Our combination of experienced people, process, world-class facilities, infrastructure, rigorous self- and third-party audits that helps companies maximize your collateral investments, reduce environmental impact and waste. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and confidence to you!