Distribution and Shipping

Distribution and Shipping

When it comes to order fulfillment, having a trusted partner to manage the distribution is critical to your supply chain management.


In addition to managing your inventory and providing the technology for web to fulfillment, KP offers expert services for:

  • Distribution of individual orders
  • Bulk distribution
  • Domestic and International shipping
  • Remote warehousing

For residential or business, across town or across the country, KP can provide distribution and shipping services that will assure that your order arrives on time and at the lowest rate. We access all of the major carriers and compare rates for you to achieve your desired results. Automatic confirmation emails are available for you to track your shipment online.


KP provides a wide variety of fulfillment solutions for product fulfillment, literature fulfillment, and kit fulfillment. Delivering finished products to you or your customers requires attention to detail and procedures to make sure that every shipment contains the correct items, correctly packaged for shipment.

Pick and pack distribution involves picking individual orders from inventory and packaging for shipment. Every order may be different, requiring different packaging materials and different shipping methods.

Managing the process efficiently is a must in order to provide flexibility to you while still getting every order shipped on time.
Managing the process efficiently is a must in order to provide flexibility to you while still getting every order shipped on time. KP manages distribution of thousands of orders every day from our six facilities. Some orders are delivered locally by KP truck and the rest ship via the appropriate transportation carrier.

Bulk distribution is used when the same shipment is prepared for many locations. KP is able to receive bulk distribution lists from a spreadsheet and generate pick lists and packing slips from our inventory management system.

Transportation method is determined by size of shipment, delivery destination and the required due date. Cost may also be a factor and there are trade-offs for delivery time. KP understands the requirements and limitations of each of the options for domestic and international freight and can select the most cost effective mode. International freight requires extra documentation for customs and an understanding of the regulations.

KP also provides a remote warehousing facility in Pharr, Texas to service the just-in-time requirements of clients with manufacturing operations in Mexico. We are able to use this location as a staging center and ship product over the border when it is needed saving time and cost for these clients.

When you need quality, security and reliability in distribution and shipping services, KP is the right choice!

If you’d like to learn more about distribution, shipping and remote warehousing, contact us at 1-800-328-3284 or read our case study “Just in Time Warehousing”.