Response Management

Response Management

Managing responses or leads in a timely and effective manner is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your marketing campaign or program.

…identify which marketing activities or channels generate the best response or conversion rates…
Our response management process ensures that it’s easy for your customers and prospects to respond to your call to action! We’ll use customer codes, promo codes, QR codes or Microsoft tags, gURLs (Generic URLs), vURLs (Versioned URLs), or pURLs (Personal URLs), each embedded in, or printed on, the right media to drive respondents to websites designed to make it easy to provide the information and/or take the action you’re looking for.

Because KP is involved in all steps of the marketing supply chain, our marketing savvy team will quickly learn the goals and desired metrics around your campaign or program and will help create the response management solution that will efficiently collect and manage all leads or responses, identify which marketing activities or channels generate the best response or conversion rates, and, thereby, maximize ROI, COA (Cost of Acquisition), or any other metrics you’re tracking.

Our marketing supply chain solutions are used to drive demand for eCommerce storefronts, registrations for events, order personalized information or materials, update customer profiles and data, and a host of other activities where you’re asking prospects or customers to respond to a call to action.

Let KP help to ensure you’re capturing and managing your hard-earned leads and responses and capturing all the relevant information to maximize response rates and return on your marketing investment and efforts!

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