It’s easy to see how beautiful design and inspired creative are at the core of any good marketing campaign. What isn’t so easy to see is all the behind the scenes work that goes into making good marketing great.

KP specializes in helping take your marketing to that next level, making the impossible possible and bringing your ideas to life. We collaborate with your creative resources to develop efficient and effective campaigns and collateral through a process we call collaborative design.

  • Use KP’s collaborative design process to develop efficient and effective campaigns and collateral
  • Our experts help take your marketing to that next level, make the impossible possible and bringing your ideas to life
  • Structural design and postage optimization are just a few examples of collaborative design

Have you ever designed a gorgeous mail piece but when it comes time to send it out to your customers you find out the postage is going to be twice what you budgeted? This is a classic example of what can happen when a print provider fails to communicate with their client and/or the mail vendor.

Collaborative Design

Collaborative design is the process we go through with all of our customers to ensure every project or campaign meets or exceeds their expectations. We start by meeting with the project manager and creative resources to thoroughly understand the entire project, from creative to goals and metrics. Then we look for potential process and design improvements that will improve efficiency and increase impact. These findings and ideas are then presented to clients for further feedback and collaboration. The process doesn’t end there either; through out the life of your program we continue to proactively seek out innovative improvements. It’s all part of our commitment to continual process improvement.

Structural Design and CAD:

Our structural design and CAD team is unlike any other in the market. We bring your ideas to life with a unique combination of art and science. Three-dimensional displays, pop up mailers, product packaging… you dream it, we build it!

You dream it, we build it!

To do this, our experts collaborate with your marketing team to determine what kind of piece will perfectly fit your needs. We then go through rounds of mock-ups to ensure that it is the design is exactly what you have in mind, all the while keeping a close eye on your budget. Once we are all set, the piece is produced in house at KP so you can be sure everything will come together exactly as planned.

Postage Optimization:

Postage optimization is another unique offering that very few companies are equipped to offer. While many competitors might offer print, mail or fulfillment, KP is different because we offer print, mail, and fulfillment, plus many more services! PLus we’ve been at for over 80 years.

Because we are experts at both the print and mail components we understand that it is extremely important to keep production details in mind when designing print pieces. Things like size, weight and ratio must always be considered or a project’s budget can easily get eaten up with unnecessarily high postage fees.

Read more about structural design or postage optimization to learn how KP can help you work smarter and spend less. Or if you would like to hear more about how collaborative design can help you, give us a call today at 1-800-328-3284.