Data Preparation

Data Preparation

The security and preparation of your data is a critical factor whether you’re planning a marketing campaign, preparing a corporate communications project, or presenting financial or benefits statements online.

The skill and expertise that goes into data management, preparation, and – most importantly – security, often defines success or possible catastrophic failure of your project or campaign.

Fortunately, KP’s vast experience and expertise combined with extensive investments in system infrastructure and intelligent equipment will help ensure the right information gets to the right person at the right time. Those skills, processes, and investments will help make your message relevant – improving response rates and return on investment – and keep any private or sensitive information secure – mitigating your risk of data security breaches.

Data preparation and management can include:

  • Merging and cleaning multiple files (ensuring maximum efficiency by only printing and mailing a single piece to valid and current addresses)
  • Using customer information as triggers for multi-touch marketing campaigns
  • Using databases as a source for variable content populating templates for complex and sensitive corporate communications.
  • Acquiring lists and Appending existing customer lists

…and we can help at every step along the way.

How we work

At KP, everyone that comes into contact with customer data undergoes extensive training in data transfer, management, and post-use destruction and use the latest in infrastructure and intelligent equipment. Not only do our employees ensure your customers’ private information is kept safe while in our care; we also help share best practice skills and processes with our customers so they can tighten their own data security processes.

Finally, KP has the ability to link to and from your CRM system! We can set up a dynamic data interface through which we access your customer’s information for “campaigns on demand,” periodic billing, and other corporate communications. Additionally, we can append existing customer data with additional available information and update changes to customer status or addresses through our own data scrubbing efforts or capturing and reporting return mail.

Let KP become an extension of your own marketing or corporate communications team and help you maximize return on your direct marketing investment and keep you safe from potential catastrophically costly data security breaches.

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