Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution

Campaigns are the heart of your data marketing programs, whether they’re designed to acquire new customers, create demand for products or services, nurture existing prospects, build channel engagement, up-sell, cross-sell, or improve customer loyalty.

KP can help you to meet your campaign goals through shared best practices, integrated print, mail, and fulfillment services, multi-channel expertise and data savvy execution.

KP offers extensive experience and infrastructure to help make your campaigns successful, regardless of size, production requirements or channel. KP has successfully executed thousands of campaigns for our customers across multiple channels. We have experience and expertise in lead generation and nurture campaigns, triggered channel partner certification, readiness, and engagement campaigns, product launch and go-to-market campaigns, as well as a variety of customer loyalty programs and campaigns. We can put this expertise to work for you!

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We help you navigate the intricacies of campaign planning and execution including proper data segmentation and preparation, customer behavioral triggers, touch frequency, media channels utilized, adherence to postal regulations, personalization, privacy compliance, performance tracking, and all the other details that support the overall success of your direct marketing campaigns.

…navigate the intricacies of campaign planning and execution…
Getting your message to the right person at the right time in the right way makes your message relevant. Tracking post-touch customer behavior and actions makes your campaigns measurable allowing you to track and report return on investment, cost of acquisition and conversion, and allow you to make your future campaigns even more effective and efficient.

KP can support your simple, one-off campaigns using a single list, envelope and mail piece or self-mailer, and can also develop and implement custom marketing portals that enable multi-touch, multi-media campaigns-on-demand, driving demand for events, store or branch visits, new products or services, and many other desired customer actions.

Let us support your campaign execution needs. We’ll make sure your message is relevant to your prospect or customer, customer behaviors and actions are tracked, and that you’re maximizing return on your investments of money, time, and effort!

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