Postage Optimization

Postage Optimization

Postage is almost always the single most expensive cost associated with direct marketing campaigns. We address it!


KP and our highly experienced staff will deliver the greatest possible postal savings while also ensuring that you’re never penalized for non-compliance with ever-changing postal rules and regulations. Our postal strategy will maximize your return on your direct mail investment by delivering the lowest possible postage costs, more predictable in-home delivery and increased response rates.


We will provide all the necessary address standardization, address cleansing, and mail sorting required to be eligible for all postage discounts.  Most mail houses will tell you the same thing.  But we don’t stop there.  Because of our volume and relationship with USPS, we’ll analyze your files and provide postal logistics planning and strategy for maximizing savings.  We can achieve even greater savings by co-mingling pieces with other mailings or delivering large bulk mailings directly to Sectional Center Facilities (SCF), Bulk Mail Centers (BMC), or Destination Delivery Units (DDU), and then passing the respective postage discounts to you.

Through co-mingling, KP analyzes mail files and then presort together with others’ mail into one mail stream to obtain a higher presort level, optimal penetration into the postal system and the maximum in drop-ship discounts. Each customer benefits from the higher piece-count of a combined mailing and increases their eligibility for Carrier Route and automation discounts.

KP Services and Processes for Delivering Postage Optimization:

  • Intelligent Mail Barcoding– personally track your mail electronically
  • NCOA- National Change of Address
  • CASS Certification – Code accuracy support
  • Address Standardization
  • Postal Presorting
  • Delivery Point Validations (DPV) – address validity
  • Barcoding for postal tracking
  • Co-Mingling
  • Postal Logistics Planning and Strategy

Let KP’s mail experts ensure you are able to focus your investment on the components of your mailing or campaign that help you to meet your goals.  Use your postage savings to target additional prospects, run more campaigns, or offer greater incentives to your own customers.  Call us today at 1-800-328-3284 or email