KP offers the complete spectrum of lettershop services to make you and your direct mail campaign successful.


After cleaning your data to ensure you are only producing and mailing what you really need to, we will do everything else to ensure your direct mail pieces get to your customers and prospects mail boxes as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


KP can fold, score, perforate, or die-cut any type of self-mailer or components for letter- or flat-sized envelopes.  We produce many coded and measurable mailings where precision multi-way matching is required and can ensure pieces stay in order through the complete lettershop process.

The USPS requires tabbing on many types of self-mailers to protect the pieces and to avoid costly jamming through the USPS processing equipment.  KP can certainly meet and exceed all USPS requirements.  However, we will also consult with you in your creative phase to ensure pieces are designed so that tabs will have minimal impact to the look and “open-ability” of your piece.

We can affix personalized membership, loyalty, discount, and rebate cards, as well as magnets or other card-sized components to card carriers and self mailers.  We are able to personalize both the card and the card carrier simultaneously, ensuring the precise matching.  The hot glue used to tip-on the card ensures the card is held in place, but is still easy to remove without damaging the card carrier.

Auto and Intelligent Inserting
KP can auto insert components into all standard letter and flat-sized envelopes.  Available intelligent inserting equipment allows us to guarantee precise multi-way matching for sensitive billing, benefit descriptions, health plan details, or other personalized materials with data privacy requirements – mitigating your risk of potentially catastrophic data security breaches.

We can address your envelopes or self-mailers with very high quality imprinting – with a wide range of fonts and colors – on all run lengths.

We will make sure your mail pieces reach your customers’ and prospects’ hands as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  By applying all applicable sorting methodologies we’ll ensure you’re maximizing your postage savings and the pieces get through USPS processing and delivery as quickly as possible.

Meter or Live Stamping
KP can apply metered postage, your or our corporate indicia, or live stamps – maximizing aesthetics and efficiency.  We also maintain very close contact with the post office so that we are staying up to date on the latest options for indicia design – including colors and the newly approved corporate logos.

KP ensures the quickest possible entry into the mail stream.  Some KP facilities have on-site USPS mail acceptance services.  If the bulk mailing size and destination density meet USPS requirements, we can also deliver straight to Sectional Center Facilities (SCF), Bulk Mail Centers (BMC), or Destination Delivery Units (DDU), and pass the respective postage discounts to you.  We will complete all required paperwork and provide all reporting to you confirming all pieces entered the mail stream.