Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene

The #1 cause of wasted marketing is dirty or inaccurate data. The Data Warehousing Institute estimates this costs the U.S. economy $600 billion each year.


At KP, we believe that our number one goal is to help you maximize your marketing investment and effort.  Obviously a great way to achieve that is to make sure your mailing data is as clean as possible.  That, in turn, will mean that you’re only printing, finishing, processing, and paying postage for the direct mail pieces that you really need.


KP offers world-class data management and data hygiene services – all SSAE 16 (formally SAS 70) certified.  We can either maintain your customer data and customer “opt-out” and master suppression lists, or we can help our clients cleanse, append, and update their own customer databases and CRM systems.

Whether KP manages your data or we help you keep your customer data updated and clean, maintaining good data hygiene means regular data cleansing processes and best practices such as de-duping, CASS and ACE certifying addresses for accuracy and completeness, checking against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) registry for updating data, and comparing against updated opt-out and suppression database.

Let KP help you to maximize your marketing investment and effort by ensuring your customer data is clean and current and you’re only printing and mailing the pieces that you really need.