Direct mail remains a viable performer in marketers’ arsenal of multiple channel communication tools.


Obviously the nature and methods of direct marketing have changed over the last several years in profound ways. Most marketers have at least tried some form of digital media and channels for getting your marketing messages to your market. However, most studies and polls find that traditional direct mail remains a winning performer in most marketers’ arsenal of communication tools. Why? Because now marketers are also focusing on measuring campaign effectiveness and return on investment instead of just the up-front costs. Furthermore, we’ve all experienced the increasing “noise” in our inbox and, as consumers, most of us are grateful for SPAM filters. Studies show that creative direct mail is still the best method for reaching and converting new customers.


We’re also extremely knowledgeable about USPS requirements, rates and regulations, and can ensure maximum postage discounts based on your mailing specifics. Through these services and processes, we’ll make sure you’re only printing and mailing what you really need to, that you’re getting precisely the right information to the right person, and that you’re saving as much as possible on services and postage so you can use your marketing budget on what’s truly important, creating more engaged customers.

With all related services truly under one roof, KP can use the experience and expertise our large and small customers have been enjoying for many years to help you to get your message to your customers, prospects, or employees as quickly, cheaply and simply as possible.

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