Transaction Printing

Transaction Printing

KP specializes in high-volume programs which involve printing and online presentation of personalized communications to deal with rising costs and changing consumer preference.


  1. Increase the value of the transaction documents with transpromotional methods.
  2. Further automate programs using the latest document composition software.
  3. Reduce the amount of printing through relevant, personalized, variable communications.)
  4. Address postal rate increases- the biggest single cost in the whole process.
  5. Make the transition to Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment(EBPP) systems.


  • Significantly lower your costs through automation and personalization
  • Turn transaction communications into relationship-building activities
  • Expand customer experience with content delivered via print and online channels

Transaction documents—monthly telephone or cable bills, account statements, 401k programs, enrollment forms, insurance paperwork, purchase confirmations—are often one of the main points of contact between a company and its customers. And statements, unlike other forms of mail, are usually opened, read, and kept. That makes them an attractive marketing vehicle.


KP can help you make the most of your transaction communications. Our high-volume printing and online presentment programs provide secure means to store, manage, create, and archive printed or electronic documents. Behind the scenes are robust platforms for digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

There are unique considerations to address, including:

    • Legal responsibilities for data and information security regulations
    • Confidentiality and secure storage for the printed material
    • Timely, accurate production of personalized information
    • Cost-efficiencies for varying print-run quantities
    • Production capacity to meet deadlines

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