Transpromotional Documents

Transpromotional Documents

When it comes to read and responding to company communications, customers are in control. Unfortunately, most communications go unread due to the sheer number of daily messages. In fact, customers can easily shut down communications by opting out or getting on the do-not-call list.


Transpromotional is a compound expression formed from the words “transaction” and “promotional”. By adding relevant marketing messages, companies can piggyback promotion or even advertising onto existing transaction-related documents, such as statements, invoices, or bills. Transpromotional documents combine customer relationship management (CRM) and data mining technologies with variable data printing and even location intelligence such as geographic-radius data appends.

  • Turn transaction communications into relationship-building activities
  • Deliver content consistently across multiple channels for a integrated experience
  • Turn every touch point into an opportunity to win customers’ hearts, minds


KP also provides location intelligence to our variable digital printing services. By combining geographic and location-related data with other business data, organizations can gain critical insights, make better decisions and optimize important processes and applications. Location Intelligence offers organizations opportunities to streamline their business processes and customer relationships to improve performance and results.

Adding promotion onto existing transaction-related documents has a number of advantages over promotion by other means.

  • Customized offers – statement-based marketing is effective because it enables customized offers to be automatically generated from the data in the document.
  • Openability and involvement – transaction documents are expected, opened, and read as they have important financial information and usually require action.
  • Trusted Media – while online and telephone consumer fraud continues to make headlines, nearly everyone trusts the postal service to send and deliver highly important documents.
  • Return on Investment – statement-based marketing is effective because it targets existing customers by leveraging existing costs for printing and postage.

KP regularly produces many kinds of transpromotional documents:

  • Billing statements, invoices, and explanation of services or benefits documents
  • Customer notices, account notifications, and regulatory mailings
  • Membership and loyalty materials, ID cards, statements, prize awards
  • Pre/post-enrollment materials and explanation of benefits (EOBs) booklets
  • Variable promotional materials, proposals, and sales letters
  • Multi-channel marketing campaign materials: direct mail, landing page, and emails

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