Document Composition

Document Composition

Customer relationship management is fundamental to every company. Document composition is the modern-day method that industry-leading organizations use to communicate with their customers on a daily basis.


Document composition is the process of dynamically composing documents according to the organization’s specific business requirements. Highly confidential client data is securely transferred and populates your branded templates to create truly one-to-one personalized materials. These types of communications enhance the customer’s experience by ensuring they receive only what is relevant at the time they need it. Furthermore, you benefit by producing and distributing fewer pages of materials!

  • Centrally create, manage and deliver personalized communications
  • Streamline document composition to improve communications
  • Increase productivity with automated document composition
  • Turn your transaction documents into powerful selling tools


KP provides business platforms for variable data composition and content management of enterprise-wide customer communications. With native multichannel management that produces, optimizes and delivers communications through digital and paper channels, we empower businesses to implement integrated multichannel campaigns across the enterprise. Let us leverage existing tool sets or custom-build program solutions using the following industry-leading document composition and variable print software:

  • GMC Inspire
  • Xerox XMPie
  • Bitstream Pageflex
  • Xerox FreeFlow Web Services
  • FusionPro

Allow KP to help you build strong, lasting relationships through document and communications composition services that enable you to deliver effective, personalized and actionable communications with your customers — electronically or in print. Call us today at 1-800-328-3284 or email