QR Codes – Who is Really Using Them?


QR Codes – Who is Really Using Them?


QR codes have been popping up everywhere lately- in magazines, on posters, in retail stores, and on product packaging. As a marketer, you’ve most likely considered using a QR code, or perhaps you have already tested QR codes in a few campaigns.

In order to make a strategic decision about when and where to use a QR code in your marketing efforts, it is helpful to know who is scanning these codes, what type of media the codes have success on, and where the codes are being scanned.

Luckily, data exists to help you make these decisions! comScore, a leader in providing business analytics for the digital world, released a study on the demographics of QR code users in the US. The study found that 14 million mobile users scanned a QR code using their mobile device in the month of June 2011, representing 6.2% of the overall mobile audience!

Other notable results from the June study include the following:

Who was scanning the codes?

  • Men were 25% more likely to scan QR codes than the average mobile user
  • Half of all QR code scanners were between the ages of 18-34

What type of media were the codes placed on?

  • The most popular source of scanned QR code was a printed magazine or newspaper, which represented half of all scans
  • The second most popular source was product packaging, with websites coming in third

Where were the codes scanned?

  • 58% of QR codes scanners were at home when they scanned a code
  • 39% were in a retail store

To read the full results of the study, visit comScore’s website here

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