Service Award Kits for National Distribution

Service Award Kits for National Distribution

KP designed a service award presentation kit for a major manufacturing company. The client prepared and presented 20,000 to 30,000 service awards annually. Awards for years of service from 5 to 60 are distributed all over the country and presented each month. The new design needed to reflect new branding and provide a cost effective presentation package.

Customer Challenge

The graphic design department of this manufacturing company was tasked with re-designing a service award package. The kit consists of a service award along with a framed certificate showing years of service, a letter with instructions about claiming service award gifts packaged in a presentation folder and an outside box. All of the pieces are personalized, assembled, labeled and packaged to distribute to multiple locations. Kit components must be matched by recipient name on the certificate and letter; correct years of service award matching the certificate; correct label with recipient name and manager name on the outside package and correct kits shipped to the appropriate location and delivered on time.


Work Smarter Solution

All component masters are produced and stored at KP and all imaging, hand assembly and fulfillment is performed at the KP location. This means that there are no hand-offs to outsource vendors to delay the process or cause potential quality concerns.

KP designed a package that won the approval of the corporate sponsors and demonstrated that all turn times and quality requirements could be maintained on an ongoing basis. While this is not a revenue producing item for this client, it is an important part of their image and employee communications.



  • Reduced cost for awards while…
  • Improved look and functionality and impact to employee
  • Consistent quality throughout several processes
  • Reduced inventory of finished materials