Online Proofing

Online Proofing

KP helped this global manufacturing company to streamline their document production by implementing online proofing in order to reduce production cost and shorten turn times.

Customer Challenge

A multi-billion dollar Medical Device Company, with many locations internationally, successfully provides medical technologies equipment and services that are shaping a new age of patient careĀ  required more sophisticated online proofing methods. With multiple creative departments in as many states, the processes for creating documents, editing content, timely proof alterations, and ensuring accurate tracking records becomes more and more challenging. Using KP’s online proofing systems, this company accomplishes this while meeting increasingly complex regulatory requirements.


Work Smarter Solution

KP worked closely with the client to train and deploy the user friendly remote proofing software – using online and in person training means. The flexible system allows for single or collaborative proofing; multiple people from different parts of the globe can review a live proof simultaneously or separately.

The KP system is web/browser based and supports multiple user logins on both Mac and PC platforms used by the design communities. The user permissions are scalable based on the end user responsibilities and can be managed and created by either the client or KP Corporation.  

With a real-time solution, each page in the system has the ability for annotation, a suite of drawing tools to illustrate and convey information, color checking and verification, measurement checking and verification and interactive communications. All transactions are recorded in a database providing a collaboration tool, history and accountability. Customized emails based on definable events notify both customer service representatives and end users of current job status and specific job transactions.

The time allotted to proofing is minimal when trying to meet peak production deadlines. Routing proofs to multiple users is a slow process and producing multiple proofs and shipping to several locations is costly and time consuming. Any alteration to the proof requiring a new proof doubled the cost and time. Producing and tracking multiple proofs increased the opportunity of missing an alteration. By implementing a robust online proofing system, KP is able to provide a flexible solution that lowers proofing costs and turn times for customers and keeps production deadlines on time.  


  • Cost to produce 2 sets of proofs reduced by 94%
  • Average turn time for initial proofs reduced from 2 days to 4 hours
  • Revisions to proofs reduced from 2 days to 2 hours
  • Accurate records and time stamps of all changes provide complete audit trail