Multi Channel Marketing to Increase Enrollment

Multi Channel Marketing to Increase Enrollment

KP worked closely with this university to develop and implement a multi-channel, multi-touch campaign to reach a targeted number of potential graduate students for their MBA Professional Program.

Customer Challenge

A nationally renowned, highly selective private university is made up of an undergraduate college of liberal arts and post-graduate schools of business, law and education. As part of an effort to continue to grow, they were looking to engage potential graduate students and increase enrollment in the masters program by targeting their immediate geographic area. The window of time before the start of the quarter was only 10 weeks.


Work Smarter Solution

KP worked closely with the university to identify a mailing list of more than 20,000 individuals with college degrees, ages 27-45 in their geographic region. The first mailing was a postcard directing contacts to a response site. The response site was branded for the graduate school and requested specific information from the contact. Respondent’s data was provided for the university staff via a dashboard and email. Once the university received the data, they called each respondent directly. An automated email was sent to each respondent thanking them for their response. KP followed up with the contacts by direct mail every couple of days with a personalized letter and brochure. After the first mail piece had been sent, university staff followed up with a personal phone call. The second postcard was mailed directing them to the same response site and following the same process.


KP was able to provide a flexible solution that increased enrollment in the MBA program for the immediate quarter as well as identifying prospective students for the following quarter. The campaign created “buzz” around the graduate program and created a pilot program that could be expanded to wider geography.