Marketing on Demand Portal

Marketing on Demand Portal

KP helped this major Western regional bank to create a marketing campaign management portal that would provide consistent customer communications from all locations as well as the ability to track their activity and results.

Customer Challenge

A large Western/Mid-West full service bank with over 700 locations had no effective way for its business/commercial banking, mortgage, and investment sales professionals to manage their own marketing campaigns. Corporate marketing provided little campaign support for these business lines, so sales professionals were left to manage their own formal communications with prospects and customers. They also lacked a single, centralized CRM system to track and report sales and marketing activity. Marketing campaigns were being managed locally with leads and reporting captured on spreadsheets. They had outgrown these tools and needed a system to support future sales growth.


Work Smarter Solution

Key client stakeholders were familiar with KP’s successful web-based Campaigns-on-Demand industry solutions for other banks. This client essentially wanted a 2.0 version of the KP solution (Marketing on Demand Portal) to include campaign management and CRM functions.

The Marketing staff have the tools to manage consistent branding and control the marketing messages. The Sales staff received easy to use campaign and lead management tools so that they can minimize the time spent on launching a sales campaign and focus on their sales efforts. Now, folks have the ability to select from dozens of pre-approved email and direct mail templates to efficiently execute campaigns while scheduling, tracking and reporting all sales activity. Everyone has the benefit of linking to their CRM system to monitor results and track ROI.