Increased Response Rate from Dimensional Mailer

Increased Response Rate from Dimensional Mailer

KP helped this automotive parts provider take their direct marketing materials to the next level - a 300% increase in call volume . Through redesign, their mailer went from a flat postcard piece to a three dimensional, eye catching piece with an unprecedented spike in sales!

Customer Challenge

This automotive industry client needed a way to stick out more to increase sales and brand recognition. Their on-going campaigns had good results but not good enough to make a real impact to their sales revenue. After consulting with KP, they decided to take a risk by moving away from their traditional postcard mailer and instead go with a 3-D mailing that would triple their cost!

Work Smarter Solution

In an industry such as automotive wholesaling and distribution, getting to and remaining at the forefront of your customers’ minds is crucial because of the amount of the high amount of competition in the marketplace. By having mail pieces that are unique and eye catching, any company can significantly differentiate themselves for the competition and provide new business opportunities.

For six years, our client had been working with us on sending out catalogs, brochures and postcards on a regular basis which in turn typically lead to a level-loaded response call volume. Having realized this, they decided to try something radically different from their standards and switched from sending a standard postcard to a set of three individual 3-D interactive mailers. This was a substantial risk because the change in design tripled the cost of their mailing pieces.

Within days of sending out the redesigned mailer our client’s call volume spiked from an average of 300 to 900 calls in a week. With the average value of a single call estimated at $400, the risk of the new interactive mailers have rewarded our client in a substantially. By changing from a postcard that could easily get passed over in favor of a piece that clear stands out, especially to the target audience, our client was able to recognize a threefold increase in their call volume. The new pop-up design was so popular that customers have kept the pieces to use as a point of sale display. These results quickly covered the added production costs and adding a substantial amount of sustainable business. For an impressive six more weeks, their call volume remained at the new level – an average of 900 calls per week. Since discovering how successful 3-D mailing pieces have been, we continue to modify and build upon the successful mailing strategy to ensure they can maintain and grow their increased business.


  • Increased call volume by three times!
  • Established differentiation in a highly competitive environment
  • Point of Sale pieces increased acquisition and retention
  • Increased visibility by customers using as a point of sale display

Services Used

  • Design
  • Offset printing
  • Custom finishing