Documents on Demand for Better Marketing ROI

Documents on Demand for Better Marketing ROI

KP has helped this leading health care organization manage all of their printed communications and meet their goals of more personalized and targeted communications while still reducing costs by reducing inventory and removing obsolescence.

Customer Challenge

This Health care organization is a non-profit health plan company helping to serve the needs of members across multiple states. With growth as the leader in heavily regulated industries comes an increasingly complex competitive and compliance environment. It became clear that the organization needed to adopt more sophisticated printed and online communication solutions in order to continue to effectively reach its audiences. As requirements grew more complex, our client recognized the need to develop customized communications and one-to-one targeting.


Work Smarter Solution

Our client realized that maintaining focus on their own core mission of health services was their key to success. Non-core functions, such as campaign management and communication execution were outsourced. To accomplish this, they turned to KP for the literature communications program including printing, component assembly and fulfillment.


KP Corporation developed and implemented a strategic print communications initiative for this client that included the following:

  • One-to-one communications model: KP created a print solution that responded to the target audience’s customized information needs. This required the alignment of complex data/content models, while ensuring accuracy and compliance with stringent federal and state regulations. As a final element, this complex customized content needed to be aggregated, assembled and processed in a time-critical, high volume environment.
  • Fulfillment: KP Corporation provided turn-key fulfillment services, ensuring that the correct materials were created, assembled and distributed to the correct target audience in a time-sensitive manner.
  • More Range of Services in the Supply Chain: As collaborative partners, we were able to develop creative, effective solutions that included a wider range of design, print, mail, fulfillment, and distribution services all in a single place with KP Corporation.
  • Close working relationship:The key to ensuring the success of this program was the commitment of both our client and KP Corporation team members to working closely together. This allowed for the creation of highly customized solutions that meet the needs of the client and their target audiences.


This print communications program partnership has yielded significant cost savings as a result of the program approach to content/data integration, printing and fulfillment. KP’s focus on ensuring compliance with federal and state requirements, in addition to tracking the customized content needs of the members, has helped the health services organization to continue its leadership as an accurate and trusted resource.



  • Significant cost savings through supply chain consolidation
  • Improved project efficiency through fewer steps and admin
  • Better brand management through increased centralized control
  • Improved accuracy and compliance of regulation