Employee Purchase Program

Employee Purchase Program

KP provides on-line order management tool for employees to order company products to take advanatge of discounts for family and friends. Orders are procured, stored, fulfilled and shipped - all via the web.

Customer Challenge

This national software company allows their employees to order their software at a significant discount through their Employee Purchase Program. The attractive pricing has made the program extremely popular with the employees and very visible to human resources management.


Work Smarter Solution

The ordering site they were using required manual processes for handling employee’s personal information, credit card processing, and had instances where company employees were able to abuse the program and resell the software for a profit, creating a huge problem for the company. They were in need of a more secure, automated solution with tighter controls.

KP provided a custom web portal for employees. They enter the ordering site through a secured single sign-on process. The portal tracks individual order limits against an annual allotment and prevents employees from exceeding or abusing the program. Credit cards are processed online and there are many downloadable reports created to help their HR and Finance teams.


Since KP was able to automate many of the processes, product turn time has been cut in half; the users’ ordering experience has been improved; and management controls have dramatically improved. Profit margins to the company were increased even with discounted pricing. The company used efficiencies gained to pay for the portal’s set-up costs making it a self funded program. Most importantly, the company has confidence in the secure infrastructure we have provided. We’re now working with this client to expand the infrastructure to become a content distributor, offering their employees the ability to download the software while keeping all the tracking, security, and confidence in place.



  • – Order turn times reduced by 50%
  • – Better management controls for faster decisions
  • – Secure processing for private and confidential information
  • – Self-funded program enhancements through reduced costs