Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct Mail Fundraising

KP manages direct mail fund raising campaigns for this major University. KP can provide the data management experience and security procedures that the client requires along with print and mailing expertise to make management of their campaigns seamless and painless.

Customer Challenge

This large University depends on building relationships with their alumni in order to be successful in their fundraising activities. They use highly segmented direct mail campaigns as one of their main sources of connecting with their alumni. For fund raising, a more targeted and personalized message is more relevant to the recipient and more likely to be successful.



Work Smarter Solution

Over time, due to the complexity of the client’s mail program, they used multiple vendors to get the job done. They encountered problems with proofing the segmented data; timelines were not being met; there was no tracking of the process, and the programs became a nightmare for the Marketing team to manage.

KP provides all that sophistication under one roof. We have an excellent track record working with highly segmented data for many of our major clients. We have the leading software tools for database-driven communications. Data is transferred via secured protocols, populated into templates via business rules, printed, and mailed automatically.


We manage their complex mailing programs along with other programs, such as fulfillment components of their direct mail campaigns under one roof. They are pleased with the range of services that we offer and have found that we have eased the pain of managing their direct mail campaigns. Now the University staff is free to work on designing new programs such as email and landing pages with automatic triggers for follow-up messages which KP can manage as well.