Just In Time Warehousing

Just In Time Warehousing

This medical device manufacturer with several locations throughout the United States and Mexico was in need of efficient warehousing. By standing up a remote warehouse closer to the company's operations, KP delivers materials just-in-time to their factory floor in just minutes!

Customer Challenge

A medical device manufacturing company with annual sales in the multi-billions dollars, this client has several manufacturing locations throughout the United States, Mexico and other international markets. Most of the research and development is based in the U.S. with the specialty and high volume production runs routed to many of the North American manufacturing plants.

One of the main manufacturing locations for which KP provides printing subcomponent for is located in Mexico. Through growing demand, this facility needed to double its production rate, but due to the inability to expand the facility footprint, the client looked to KP to provide a scalable solution to meet their dramatically growing supply requirements.

Work Smarter Solution

KP produces materials for clients in several locations in the United States. KP’s center of excellence for the FDA regulated materials medical device industry is in Salt Lake City, Utah – just over 1,500 miles from the client’s facility in Mexico.

After exploring various freight consolidation and forwarding options and discovering their limitations, KP established an inventory supply center in Pharr, TX – just across the US/Mexican border. The completely secure facility provides a fully scalable, just-in-time, supply of the printed materials KP produces. The new distribution center boasts real-time inventory management available via web access. Designed to increase efficiency and decrease the time to fulfill an order, KP manufactures and procures printed materials through its network of facilities and uses the remote location as a staging center. The distribution location combined with new, state of the art equipment provides clients with significant cost savings and an efficient supply chain across international borders.

The cost and time savings of the new warehouse location exceeded the client’s expectation and cost objectives – fully supporting their requirements for growth. Here’s to growth for everyone!