Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

KP worked with this major retailer to produce a loyalty program as an incentive to use store credit cards. This program requires several different levels of rewards based on the amount spent annually and requires a high level of security handling customer data as well as valuable rewards.

Customer Challenge

Although this retailer has had a rewards program in place for many years in the form of redeemable gift certificates, they were looking for a way to incentivize customers to also make their purchases using a credit card issued by the store.


Work Smarter Solution

KP worked together with the client to create the rewards program. As a member of this enhanced loyalty program, eligible card holders qualify for one of four levels of benefits based on credit card usage during the previous 12 months and adjusted quarterly. Additional benefits include complimentary in-store services, exclusive events, other gifts & gift certificates, and for the highest levels, even travel packages!

KP works with the client to constantly communicate current status with members at each of the four levels and remind them of the benefits associated with that level. They also send communications to customers that are very close to achieving the next reward level designed to pull customers to higher levels of the program thereby increasing their credit card purchases.


KP prints, assembles, and mails approximately 750,000 pieces, many of which have sensitive information requiring 100% accuracy with up to 4 personalized pieces per kit.

The program has been a great success and has directly led to a dramatic increase in credit card use at the retailers’ stores.