Custom Event Marketing

Custom Event Marketing

KP provides a web application for branch offices to create customized calendars of upcoming events and seminars. Design and branding can be managed by the corporate office while each branch has attractive, full color printed schedules available to their clients with no labor required from the local office staff.

Customer Challenge

A national investment services company offers client seminars and classes for each of their 300 branches. They have over 80 different seminars that can be offered in the branches and each branch produced their own calendar of events. The branch office would type out dates and information and copy it onto preprinted masters. They would be stapled and placed in a holder in the lobby. Not only did these look unprofessional but results were understandably inconsistent and brand standards were not properly applied.


Work Smarter Solution

KP developed an online solution with templates that allow the branches to enter in variable information about their events such as time, date and location as well as descriptions of the seminar. Once the order is placed, a beautiful full-color branded calendar with seminar information is produced on demand and distributed quarterly.


The branches have beautiful corporate-branded materials to promote their local classes. As a result, the branches are offering more classes and generating more business! All classes are centralized and clearly visible to the SVP of marketing.


The client estimates a cost savings of $250,000 in time and labor while achieving a better process and finished product.

If your branch offices or store locations need marketing help for seminars, events, trade shows or campaigns, KP has successfully developed and executed many different types of materials. Think about some of these options for your next event:


  • Pre-Event materials:
    • Schedule or calendar of events
    • “Save the date” personal invitation
    • Special offers or tickets
    • Confirmation letter
  • Event Materials:
    • Literature
    • Badges and table tents
    • Welcome kits
    • Signs and banners
    • Training manuals
    • Promotional items
  • Post Event materials:
    • Thank you email
    • Contest award
    • Follow up literature