Critical Research Mailing Program

Critical Research Mailing Program

KP has helped this health insurance provider to launch a multi-year project to build a central database of DNA samples for genetic research. This requires a mail and fulfillment program with stringent quality and security controls and tracking.

Customer Challenge

This major health care provider is embarking on a monumental multi-year project to accumulate patient DNA samples into a central database for genetic research.


Work Smarter Solution

Our solution is a closed-loop mailing and fulfillment program with sophisticated quality control. It was critical to have 100% accuracy so that there was no change for any errors with personal data. We conducted multiple mailings to each patient for the study. The first was to explain the program and gain interest. If they were interested in participating, an authorization was sent. After receiving the authorization, a sample collection kit was sent to be used to collect their DNA.


Once the sample was returned, a thank you letter was mailed. Barcoding and 3 or 4 way matches were used throughout the project to ensure the highest level of data security and study integrity. The matching elements are letters, labels and consent forms (with sensitive private data). The sample kit itself is a blind match connecting a bar code to the member. This match is only possible with the data feed returned to the client. The barcoding was designed to make it impossible to connect the wrong person with a sample.


  • 100% accuracy on everything, at every stage. Period.
  • Participation results are beyond expectations.
  • Client’s responses objectives are ahead of target.