Billing Statements Printed and Online

Billing Statements Printed and Online

KP receives files from this municipality to image variable information onto billing statements for printing and mailing paper invoices monthly. The client was interested in transitioning to online bill presentment and payment in order to reduce costs and be able to offer both a paper and paperless option.

Customer Challenge

The client provides utility services, consisting of refuse, drainage, sewer service and water supply services to residential and business customers. Each customer receives the standard monthly invoice statement. For questions, they were directed to a call center, which received over 1,500 calls per day and was not perceived as a consumer friendly option. They wanted the statement process as efficient as possible and they also wanted to offer statements on-line to keep pace with customer’s preferences to use the internet.


Work Smarter Solution

KP uses the latest digital technology to securely transfer client data from databases to populate variable statement templates which are printed on demand. A synched online portal provides the same statements including two years of history which can also be printed or presented online – depending on the end customer’s preference.

By offering choices, the client fully expects to meet their goal of reducing the number of paper bills produced and mailed and becoming more “green” in the eyes of their customers. They expect that in the 6 months, their call center volume will reduce by 20% and that 20% of their paper customers will shift to online at a savings of 91%. That’s over $500k! In fact, the ROI analysis indicated that the entire program would pay for itself if just 12% of customers converted from paper to paperless bills.  

The paperless billing portal allows consumers to self register, make online payments, view bills, view online payment history, find answers to FAQ’s and migrate from receiving paper bills. A natural evolution: from paper, to viewing online, to paying and managing your account online – all using KP systems.