100% Variable Communications

100% Variable Communications

KP provides personalized communications to Medicare recipients including provider directories, statements and letters for a variety of notifications. Strict data security to protect personal information and time sensitivity require procedures that guarantee error-free printing and mailing.

Customer Challenge

Multiple-state Medicare communications are typically managed by a multiple consulting companies specializing in these programs. This requires world-class supply chain management for communications. State contracts have stringent penalties for errors so their supply chain requires state-of-the art processes while still maintaining transparency.


Work Smarter Solution

KP provides digital print and mailing services for a variety of communications such as personal letters, billing statements and provider directory booklets with plan details that are specific to the individual. KP has produced over 200 million personalized Health Care and Dental booklets. These are 100% variable, personalized documents printed using automated templates populated from databases via business rules. Documents can contain up to 12 different paper types that includes a color cover, personalized multi-page provider directory, personalized letter, preprinted forms and a return envelope – all bound into the same booklet. The booklets and up to 2 inches of materials are machine inserted into 9 x 12 Tyvek envelopes, the strongest mailing envelope possible, using a completely unique solution custom built for KP.

Obviously, data security plays an essential, critical part in the production process. KP employs the latest in technology which uses in-line, high-speed cameras and bar codes for 100% verification and QA of every piece of information. KP also provides bulk printing, fulfillment, mailing and distribution services. KP also produces millions statements, in multiple languages, for this program. These color statements are printed using programmed templates that are populated from databases via multifaceted business rules. KP’s document services programs the templates using KP industry-leading document composition software. The business rules can be modified allowing messages to be edited as needed. Upon completion of printing and inserting they are presorted and comingled for the best possible postage rates available. Additional required archiving steps in production is that an archive copy, an electronic PDF version of each statement, is generated and provided to the client so their call center can reference the document during customer service.  

KP has installed the latest quality intelligence systems for bar codes and inserting, as well as custom intelligence systems to ensure that every piece of information is 100% verified using automation. Each completed mailing piece and envelope is scanned and compared against a sequel server database. If there isn’t a match the machine stops and identifies the issue and notifies multiple levels of operators and managers.

We operate in secure buildings with key cards and badges of multiple levels of authority. A second level of secured locations, within the facility, provides authority-only access to protect Personable Identifiable Information (PPI) and Personal Health Information (PHI) and meet strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. All information is stored in two secured co-location data centers that are mirrored to provide constant operations and recovery during any form of disaster.