QR Codes – Who is Really Using Them?

QR Codes

QR Codes – Who is Really Using Them?

QR codes have been popping up everywhere lately- in magazines, on posters, in retail stores, and on product packaging. As a marketer, you’ve most likely considered using a QR code, or perhaps you have already tested QR codes in a few campaigns. In order to make a strategic decision about when and where to use […]

QR codes, Videos, Trade Shows and Print – All Together Now!

A mentor once told me, one of the most efficient things you can do in sales and marketing is to improve on a good idea. The market place changes constantly and people are looking for ways to stay in front. This is why I love brainstorming with other people: it is a way of playing […]

Three DM Trends to Watch in 2011

Ready or not… the holiday frenzy is upon us. Take cover. Get ready for lots of long lines, deadlines, and direct mail changes. Are you ready? Here is a list of 3 DM trends to watch out for: 1. Postal Rates #1 on the USPS New Year’s Resolution List – introduce new flat-rate products and […]

Innovative Ways QR Codes are Being Used

QR codes are innovative. Take a marketer for example; when they choose to make QR codes part of their marketing campaign, they are breaking new ground. Interactive contests, location based offers and video product demonstrations are just a few of the countless ways they can engage their customers. With little adoption in the US market, […]

QR Codes: A Growing Marketing Trend at KP

With the continuous rise and popularity of social media, KP’s clients have been busy exploring the different possibilities of linking traditional media to the digital world. Enter QR Codes.

Microsoft Tags versus QR Codes: What is the difference?

QR codes are an amazing technology that can seamlessly link the physical world to the digital. However, creating colorful or branded functional codes can be a challenging and costly endeavor. To address this, Microsoft has you covered. High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) is the name coined by Microsoft for its proprietary technology. Having just left […]

8 Uses for QR codes

“What’s this?” asked my 5-year old son. He had dug through my bag and had one of my business cards in his hand. Located on the card, is a QR code that contains all my contact information. “That’s a Quick Response Code,” I replied. You know what comes next…”What’s it for?” he asked. Neither of […]