6 Ways to be Cost Effective in your Customer Communications

Customer Communications

6 Ways to be Cost Effective in your Customer Communications

Profitable market leadership is achieved through various means all working together. Making use of the latest technology translates into faster time to market. Well funded and effective R&D and product development creates products that are cutting-edge and of more value. However, having better products doesn’t translate into revenue unless you market it well. Delivering positive […]

Transpromotional Documents, “The Social Network” and Your Business

Unfortunately, right now it is harder to reach your target audience than at any point in history.  Even though there are more channels for communication between businesses and customers or potential customers, the noise level has increased exponentially.

The Surprise iPhone Announcement that No One Expected

It was October 4th, 2011 and as the collective online community waited with bated breathe for Apple’s iPhone announcement many questions remained unanswered. Would Apple unveil one or two new iPhones? What hardware upgrades could we expect? What surprises does Apple have in store for us? As usual, the announcement was met with much fanfare […]

Three Golden Rules to Follow When Using Microsoft Tags

The world of marketing is rapidly evolving and direct marketing is no exception. Between personalized websites, 100% variable print, and 2d barcodes, the options for marketers to increase campaign effectiveness are becoming numerous and highly sophisticated. However, as with all new technologies, there is a learning period during which vital tips, tricks, and best practices […]

Bacn Marketing: too much of a good thing?

Did you know that more than 2 billion pounds of bacon is produced in the U.S. each year? That equates to approximately 32 billion pieces of bacon being consumed last year alone. But is it too much? Can you really have too much of this delightful meat stuff that even vegetarians love? Thankfully we will […]

When There is No Room for Error

Direct mail is like a staple in our diets, we simply can’t live without it. Sure email and social media have their benefits, but when a sensitive content communication must reach its recipient, I seriously doubt we will be sending it via tweet any time soon. In fact, in many cases HIPAA or federal mandate […]

I Like Print. I Love Results.

Article featured in Media Inc- Issue 4 2010. This is the Printer’s issue — the remaining printers in this proud, historic industry. What’s the common trait among the survivors? Is it ancillary capabilities, the newest equipment, offering multi-channels, price slashing, on-demand, or perhaps rebranding as a Single Source Solution or a Marketing Service Provider? Nope. […]